About us


Taking the steps to strengthening your core means you want to invest into the quality of your life. A stronger core is important for your daily living, your athletic performance, your unexplained body pains, and for you to avoid injuries. Because many of your body’s movements originate from your core, working toward improving its strength will enhance your posture, spinal alignment mobility, stability, and more.

Our highly qualified and passionate team will not only help you re-build your strength but also reconsider how and why you move through smaller and focused group classes along with a community of people who share similar goals. Our holistic approach to wellness will cater to your individual needs regardless of your age, gender, or fitness levels and bring purpose to your workouts.


Mycore’s mission is to support and share our love for Pilates/Yoga and wellness with the local community. Because you are at the core of everything we do, we aim to guide you through your workout and change the way you move, supporting and enhancing your daily functional movement and building a strong foundation within your core for all other exercises. We will achieve these through:

  1. The core-strengthening exercises
  2. Stimulation of your brain to control your movement
  3. Proper breathing techniques
  4. Specialized rehabilitation pilates classes

We believe that this necessitates smaller more focused classes that nurture collaboration and inclusion, provide each student personalized attention and bring the community together through mindful exercises. These smaller classes offer our students all the benefits of individual lessons along with the crucial social relationships that make pilates a welcome fitness experience.


Our vision is to cement our studios as a crucial and valued component of the local community. By staying true to the nature of Pilates, we aim to inspire a love for fitness and provide a welcome space that caters to everyone, male and female, young and old and of all fitness levels, who are eager to challenge their body and mind. Our goal is to see our community strong and healthy through holistic, restorative, challenging workouts and ultimately developing a strong core that is the fundamental building block for all other movements


Creating a fun, inclusive and socially connected culture where everyone is welcome and supported.

Where every student is treated as an individual and allowed to learn at their own pace with tailored and fulfilling workouts.

With our strategic partnerships with the community’s best life coaches, athletes, nutritionists, and psychologists, we bring the latest advice and techniques to create a stronger, healthier, and happier you.

Creating full-body workouts that challenge the mind and body in an environment that is fun, passionate, and helpful.

Steady, consistent progress is prioritized, not perfection. 

My Core Studio