Super Powers (Mixed level)

For Everyone at every Fitness Level!

If you are at looking to improve your fitness level, overall body movements, and posture, and want to gain strength, then this is the class for you!

This is our signature class, why? Because not only will this class make you feel fitter and stronger but we believe it will give you Super Powers! Throughout this class, you will learn how to connect your mind and body in order for you to control your movements, get toned, get flexible, gain mobility, and move efficiently day in and day out! In this class, you will really learn the fundamentals of building a healthy and strong core. If you have never done Pilates before then this is the best class to start!

After a few months of taking this class at least twice a week, you will no longer have to deal with a weak core nor use help to get off that floor!


Barre-tastic (Mixed level)

For Everyone at every Fitness Level!

For men or women! If you are wanting to take your fitness to the next level then this is right for you! In this class, we are mixing it all up on the Barre! A little bit of cardio, a lot of core, and a big focus on your glutes! Throughout this class, you will strengthen your core, burn some calories, and lift that booty! The music in this class is a big part of the exercise. If you want a bit of fun while working out come along to this energetic class! You will leave feeling challenged but definitely refreshed!

Super Women! (Pre and Post Natal Pilates mat)

For all expecting mothers, and new mommies!

Designed for the moms to be who are looking at safely staying fit and enjoying their rapidly changing bodies this class will help you carry your bump proudly. For the new mommies looking at strengthening their cores, re-discovering their bodies, and relieving the aches and pains this class will help you stay in shape or get back into shape. Pre and post-birth Pilates will help promote good posture, improve spinal mobility, give you pelvic stability, and improve any abdominal separation. Our instructors are fully certified, trained, and passionate to make sure you are well taken care of in a safe environment.

That’s not all! You will be surrounded by like-minded mothers who you can share experiences with. We are building our new mommy’s community to help you feel at home and become the ‘Super women’ you truly are!

Therapeutic Pilates

For people with Injuries and Conditions

This class has been specifically designed for people with conditions or injuries. Our re-hab certified instructors will make sure you are working out in the safest ways for your ultimate recovery or to accompany what you have been doing with your physiotherapist.

While Pilates in general is very restorative by nature, this class will help you move with greater ease and efficiency regardless of your condition. The class size has also been reduced dramatically to make sure you get the full attention from the instructor without having to pay for 1-1 classes all the time.  We are pretty sure your doctor and physiotherapist have recommended that you work out more often to build strength around your injury and at this class this is exactly what you will be doing under the supervision of a professional.


CardioLates (All Levels)

For Everyone at every Fitness Level!

What is Cardio-lates?
It’s simply Cardio + Pilates ! 
The class integrates the focus on postural alignment of Mat Pilates with the cardiovascular and physiological benefits of aerobic exercise.  
This cardio workout gets your heart pumping while strengthening your entire body ; At the same time, it challenges you to maintain concentration and correct posture during periods of higher exertion. 

Stay Young ( 60+ years)


Calling all males and females who are 60+ of age at all fitness levels!

Like Joseph Pilates said ‘If your spine is inflexible and stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60 you are young!

You are never old to begin your Pilates journey. Learn to use your body in a smarter, more efficient way with Pilates. Our instructors are fully qualified to understand that you might have lost some of your flexibility and strength with time and they will help you reverse the effects of aging on your body. Pilates is gentle enough to be right for you at any age, and every exercise can be modified to cater to your specific needs and conditions. If you have any pre-existing conditions , consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise, all you need to do is let your instructor know.

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