Core Awake (Mixed Level)

We think of this class as the solution to all your fitness requirements. Focused at building a strong core, this class also caters to your full body. You will find this class truly medicinal and supportive to all your daily movement requirements. Building a strong core takes more than a few crunches but is essential to injury prevention, immunity health, internal organs health, good posture, spine and back health, and overall well-being! A strong core keeps your body balanced and stable.

The effect of this class on your enhanced daily movements or the other sports performance will keep you thinking – I want to come back tomorrow!

No Gravity (Intermediate Level)

Everyone who wants to sweat, burn loads of calories, and challenge their body! Combining cardio with Pilates moves will sculpt your core while torching fat.

A high-intensity class combining cardio with Pilates exercises all done on the reformer. A very fun, but an intense class that will give you the workout your body needs. You can work on your abs, back, thighs, and virtually every major muscle of your body with the help of cardio Pilates.

A cardio pilates workout helps improve cardiovascular fitness, and it tones the body at the same time. Cardio Pilates helps you to improve your flexibility. The combined workout will also help you improve your posture.

Imagine this: kicking on and off that jumping board without the strain of Gravity! Your knees will thank you for it!

Mobility Reformer (Mixed level)

 This is for those who are specifically looking at working on their Mobility or in other words giving their joints the ability to move more actively and freely through a wider range of motion. 

Mobility is very important for everyone from beginners who are looking at enhancing their everyday life, to seniors who have just discovered how amazing Pilates is for their aging bodies, to athletes who are looking at improving their athletic performance. 

You may be strong already but strength alone doesn’t give you all you need to perform all the bending, twisting, and reaching you need everyday. Mobility training requires dynamic movements and not static ones like stretching and while you might be already doing dynamic mobility exercises , Pilates reformer provides a unique more effective experience.

TEEN-ORMER! (Mixed Level)

For our most demanding clients! The Teens! (Ages 13-18)

Life is tough for a teen which makes us think this class has to be absolutely fun, engaging, and definitely challenging to keep them motivated. They spend too many hours on their screens and we are pretty sure that it is affecting their postures day in and day out! Get them on the reformers to build stronger abs and cores for life too!!

I have a desk Job! (Mixed level)

Sitting at your desk for hours on end, seems to be the norm.  This class is designed for people who sit for long periods of time and have started to see the effect on their posture, have neck tension, or shoulder tightness! Before it’s too late, join us to make sure you relax those shoulders, open your chest and work those back muscles! At My Core, we will make sure we help you build your core! Close that laptop, put your phone away and get yourself into this class! Your body will not only thank you for it but you will leave this class feeling light, open and relaxed!

Ouch, My back hurts (Mixed level)

If you experience back pain at any level then this class is for you! Through gentle and focused movements, our aim is to help you build your core strength and improve your joint mobility in order to ease that pain and improve your posture. After this class, you will leave feeling stronger, freer, and a reduced feeling of discomfort every time!

Therapeutic Pilates (Beginners' Level)

Specific Conditions and Injuries

Just because you have a been told you have a condition or are suffering from an injury. this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Pilates reformer exercise. This class has been specifically designed for people with conditions or injuries. Our instructors will make sure you are working out in the safest ways for your ultimate recovery or to accompany what you have been doing with your physiotherapist.


While Pilates in general is very restorative by nature, this class will help you move with greater ease and efficiency regardless your condition. The class size has also been reduced dramatically to make sure you get the full attention from the instructor without having to pay for 1-1 classes all the time.  We are pretty sure your doctor and physiotherapist have recommended that you work out more often to build strength around your injury and at this class this is exactly what you will be doing under the supervision of a professional.

Athletic Reformer (Advanced Level)

For Advanced Pilates Fanatics! ( You have  completed 20 classes of mixed level reformer pilates)

A lot of pilates with a pinch of Cardio! The combination of controlled movement and high-intensity cardio will definitely challenge your coordination, mobility, and stability at a high level. Think of this class as your typical HIIT workout but even better as it is based on Pilates principles and sequencing.

This class is a full-body workout and you will feel the burn! The sessions will vary with an intention or theme so that proficiency within a session is achieved. This class is for individuals who like variety and goals.  Are you game?

The advanced reformer is only for those who have mastered the intermediate level. Injury-free- good understanding of the reformer exercises is a pre-requisite

You will walk away feeling challenged but refreshed! Make sure you have an extra t-shirt to change into because you will SWEAT!

Gym Vibes (Intermediate to Advanced Level)

For Intermediate to Advanced Pilates Fanatics! (You have completed 10 classes of mixed level reformer pilates and injury free)

Our signature Gym Vibes class is for those who are looking at gaining more muscles. Yes, you will not need the gym subscriptions anymore because you will be able to achieve a gym ‘body’ look and an even ‘longer’ body.

The exercises we will take you through will address the total body with resistance from the springs we use on the machine, additional weights, plus our own body weight. Sometimes you will do the same exercise for up to 3 minutes which will exhaust the muscle group we are working. Stretched over 1 hour, we will help you hit every muscle group resulting in a growing muscle. The cherry on top is that by applying the Pilates principles on the reformer we will hold our bodies in neutral alignment protecting you against incorrect form.

This class uses heavier weights and tougher springs, so you’ll build new strength and rock a six-pack sooner than you expected.

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